Carving Care


Your carving can last for a very long time if you look after it properly.  My top tips are as follows-


  • Site your carving in a shady spot.  Too much sun will accelerate the drying process and cause it to split excessively.  Small cracks will open and close depending on the weather. If you keep your carving indoors it’s likely to split very quickly.
  • Lift your carving off the ground.  This will reduce contact with the damp and minimise the likelihood of rot.  Pot stands work well.  Gravel and decking also improve ventilation but do not provide an open gap.
  • Treat your carving with wood preserve or oil.  I use decking oil as it has an added anti-fungal ingredient.  It’s difficult to say how often as the weather can effect it hugely but twice a year would be a good start.
  • Secure your carving appropriately.  It should under normal conditions stand under its own weight however strong winds or an accidental nudge could topple the carving.  Fixing down, pegging or using guy lines should minimise this risk.  If your carving is in public display you may need additional security to ensure it doesn’t go missing!